Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hope Series

So, my very first book that is coming out in September is called Hope for Tomorrow. I absolutely love this book! It is fun, with some amusing banter. There are some deeper issues in this book, but overall, it is pretty light. My second book, Hope for Today, is a lot heavier. It deals with issues of forgiveness as well as sickness. There are some pretty heavy things going on in that book! I pray it will get picked up by a publisher! I really felt God direct and lead me in writing this book. I pray it will encourage women in their lives and marriages. It centers around Kayla and Brad, two characters in the first book, but not making a huge appearance in the first book.
 My third book, Hope From Yesterday, is just in the beginning stages. And what fun I am having with this one already! I see where I want this book to go, and pray it will touch lives, as well! I wrote two and a half pages yesterday in the matter of an hour. My friend constantly tells me she is amazed I can do that, especially with a houseful of kiddos running around! For me, it isn't hard to write. I just open myself up to what I want to say and let God do the rest. You see, I don't want to just write to write. I want to write with a purpose. I want to write to glorify God and encourage others. I pray that is the message my books bring.
My grandparents and I were laughing the other day about the titles of my books. We are now calling them the "Hope" series. My grandfather asked what my next series was going to be called. "Hopeless?" he had asked! Can you imagine? Hopeless in Colorado! Now that would be a sad series to write! Truth be told, I do have the first book in the next series in my head. I look forward to bringing to life a new set of characters and bringing back to life some of the old! Oh, the joy of writing! Stay tuned for more posts and insights! And as always, thank you for supporting me as I write! You are loved and appreciated!


  1. It's been fun to watch these books take shape. You are an amazing writer. You have certainly come into your own.

  2. Yes, I am constantly amazed that you can write in the midst of life - and not a quiet life at that! So cool to see God work through you!