Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cynthia and Hope for Today

I met Cynthia Curro over a year ago. I had two interactions with her. One, I got her phone number from her so she and I could meet. And the second one was when we met at Applebee's in Littleton so I could hear her story. You see, Hope for Today, my second novel in the Hope series, is her story in regards to cancer. I asked her permission to tell her story to others. Of course, I did embellish on it, but overall, it is her story. She told me her blog, and I began reading it everyday before we met. I wrote down questions to ask that I just didn't understand. Actually, one of them had to do with a port placement. I had no idea what one was. I had asked her about it, and she showed it to me. She said, "Do you want to touch it?" NO! I am not a person who enjoys medical stuff. She was a nurse, so I suppose she was used to that. She laughed and teased me a bit, but continued on with her story. I won't tell it here, because I hope to do it justice in Hope for Today. But I can tell you what an amazing woman she was.
You see, last Thursday, Cynthia went home to be with Jesus. One thing I remember about our time together was when she said to me, "I've got the best of both worlds here. If I beat cancer, I get to watch my girls grow up to be amazing women! And if I don't, I get to live on with Jesus. Either way, I win." She literally blew my mind! Her faith and trust in Christ was unwavering that day. She touched my heart and life and challenged me. Like I said, I only had two interactions with her, but they will forever be etched in my heart and life. Cynthia was courageous, strong, faithful, and loving. She was an beautiful woman, inside and out. I was blessed to know her, even if it was for just a little bit.
Teri, if you read this, thank you for introducing me to Cynthia. What a phenominal woman! And I was, and am, truly blessed!

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