Sunday, July 17, 2011

Historical Fiction

While visiting my grandparents on our trip to California, my grandmother gave me her letters my grandfather had written to her while he was in China during WWII. I decided then and there I was going to write my first historical novel based on these old letters! I started reading them on the drive home to Colorado. They are truly amazing! I love the sweet way my grandfather reassured her of his love for her, that only she would have his heart all of his days. He promised once he was out of the army, he would never leave her again. And he hasn't! They were married in 1944! This last June they celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary! Amazing! So, once I am done with the Hope series, I am going to tackle my first historical fiction novel! I am so excited about it! Not only do I get to dive into history, but I get to dive into my grandparents' history, as well! What fun! Of course, I am going to add to a lot of the story, which makes it fiction, but I look forward to it! I can hardly wait!

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