Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been asked by several people now how I feel about Hope for Tomorrow being published and available to the public. My response is simply this: I am nervous, excited, and overjoyed that a dream has come true! I am published! It's a weird feeling. I now have people reading my stories. I have people commenting on my stories! I had someone tell me she sobbed when she finished chapter 2! And that wasn't even the sad chapter to me! I am blessed because I have had so many people encouraging me before the book even came out! And now that it is out,  I wonder: will you like it? Will you laugh or cry? Will some of you perhaps see yourself in certain characters? (I know I did!)Will you know my heart as I wrote the book? And would you buy the second one if it were to get published? :)
I don't want to be a "one hit wonder". I want to write more than one book and get more than one book published! I don't want to be rich or famous. I want to tell stories that draw people closer to God. I want to write to encourage others and uplift them as they travel through this world. I want to write for God's glory.
So, yes, I am thrilled Hope for Tomorrow comes out on September 1! I am thrilled many of you have gotten it already! I am thrilled Comfort Publishing believed in the story enough to take a chance on me! Yet, I am nervous. But, I trust in God to bring to pass what He will. Not my will, but His be done.

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  1. Your book is great and it will do great. God will bless your efforts. You tackle some hard topics in these books and I know that people will be blessed when they read them. Keep it up. You are doing great!!!