Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I wrote Hope for Today and sent it to a publisher. Then I re-read Hope for Today and was appalled I sent it to a publisher! It was okay as a rough draft, but certainly not as a manuscript you want to share with people! Yikes! So, I began revising it. And revising it. And revising it! Finally, yesterday, after adding about 25,000 extra words or so, I was able to re-send it! Thanks, Comfort Publishing, for allowing me to do so! You know what? I like this one! I really do! I added more depth to places where I just kind of stopped after one sentence. I added more insight. I like this one a lot. I don't know if Comfort will publish this book. If they don't, I completely understand. But I am quite happy with this finished product. No matter what, I do want this one published! It deals with some heavier issues, but it was great writing it! And now I can focus on Yesterday's Hope, the last book in the Hope Series! There is a lot that is going to happen in that one. I look forward to researching and bringing out some changes for the main characters. I look forward to getting to know a new character, too! Stay tuned for more info on that one! I will probably tackle this one starting next week when my boys begin Friday school. :)

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  1. I read the first draft of your book and thought it was very good. I can only imagine how great it is now that you've revised it. I can hardly wait to see the new book in print and read your third installment!