Friday, September 23, 2011

A full time job

This week has flown by! Before I even knew it, Friday was upon me, drawing me to enjoy a quiet day without my three kiddos while they are in Friday school. I love Fridays. It gives me time to myself, which is often needed. Friday give my boys a chance to see what school outside of the home is like. So, when Friday comes, all four of us are excited! Fridays are a chance for me to write, as well.
I love writing. I want to write more through-out the week. I enjoy catching up on the characters of my stories, watching them develop and change. On top of writing, Chris' aunt is editing my second book, Hope for Today. She is doing an AMAZING job doing so! I have been getting chapters pretty regularly with suggestions to dig deeper, improve my writing technique, and not to settle "telling" something, but "showing" something instead. It is hard. I have to think as I change things in the story. I mean, really think. I don't think I have ever really "thought" that hard to tell a story. She is definitely challenging me, and Hope for Today will be all the better for it!
I don't like to wait for Fridays to come to write, so I have been taking out my laptop to work on Hope for Today so I don't fall behind. 45 minutes here, 30 minutes there. The time flies by wat too quickly before I realize I have to put away the laptop and  make dinner, clean the house, or do whatever it is that needs to be done. And of course, I normally wait to take out the laptop until I am done teaching the boys. I don't have a lot of time during the week, I am realizing. Chris is wonderful to give me time when we have it, but even our nights are filling up rather quickly. So, what is the point to this blog? I may still be trying to figure that out! :) I do know that writing is a full time job! I just wish I had the time to do it!

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  1. Wish I could give you more time. But, you know, whenever you want's yours.