Friday, September 9, 2011

What People are Saying

I have been asking for feedback in regards to Hope for Tomorrow. I really wanted to see what people were saying and thinking about it. So, I asked on facebook! Below are some people's responses! I am thrilled with the feedback and love hearing what readers have to say! If you have read or are in the process of reading the book, leave a comment here or on my facebook page! I would love to hear from you! And for those of you who have read it and are leaving comments, thank you! I appreciate them! So, without further ado, below is what people are saying about Hope for Tomorrow:

I am reading your book and I'm on page 59! Love it! The characters grabbed me right away ( important to me when I start a book) You are making me care about these folks! :-) - Pam Smith

Joi, You are a fantastic writer. I just finished reading ALL of Hope for Tomorrow. (book title underlined!!!) I couldn't put it down after ch 3. I loved many things about it; ie theme, your vividness in describing the characters, but I loved the way you had them saying little prayers all day in dealing with different circumstances. This is like praying without ceasing. Can hardly wait for Hope for Today to be on the shelves!!!! Ruth Dickie

 I finished mine weeks ago and I am anxiously waiting for the next one. For me the book got better as it went on and it seemed your writing evolved and matured in the book. It was very good Joi. :) Christina Fisher
So I love the book and I cant put it down. My mom comes over and she is reading it and enjoys it. I am on Chapter 10. Congrats! I am going to let all my mary kay friends know about it also. Julie Storlie
Overall, I liked it. I had a bit of a bumpy start. I like to read the synopsis on the back so I know what to expect. The back cover tells about how Jo comes from a tight family and then tragedy strikes. So, I read the first 5 or 6 chapters waiting for the tragedy and then realized "Oh, they're talking about before". It threw me a little and I had to put it down for a few days. When I did pick it back up, it was right where she was starting to see Mark and it went very well from there. Once I started again, I didn't want to put it down and really wanted to see what happened. It caught me from there. I honestly couldn't say whether the first part was just as good because I read it with expectation and was disappointed by that. I personally liked it. I'm really looking forward to the next one. Krista Tucker

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