Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Thought or Two

Every day I think about the story line of my last book in the Hope Series. I have called it Yesterday's Hope. I often think about Arthur, a new character introduced in Hope for Today. I think about the heartache and pain he has suffered in his life, and my heart breaks for the man. I think about Jake and Emily and the road they are going down. It is a difficult road, to be sure. I have had a double dose of bad news this last week in regards to family members. So, I know the sadness one goes through in dealing with life, in watching loved ones deal with sickness, and with being so far away from those suffering. Jake and Emily are blessed to have family and friends around them, supporting them, loving them, walking down this dark road with them. But Arthur, although he is not dealing with sickness, has his own road full of demons and sadness to go down. Yet, he is alone. Which makes me wonder how many people in the world are alone in difficult times? How many walk through life with no family and friends? It is so easy in today's society to be alone. We live in an age of connecting through the internet, not in person. What about older people? What about those who technology is a struggle, and therefore, don't use much of it? What about those people who have no one? How do they cope with the sadness of life? Who do they turn to? I recently watched a movie about an older man, maybe in his 70's, whose Christmas gift to himself was going to be death. He had wrapped a gun and put it under his tree. When he fell in love, the woman asked him why he would do that. He response was, "I am just so lonely and tired of living a life of loneliness." Needless to say, it broke my heart and I was in tears. So what? What is the point? The point is simply this: I want to be a Brittany and look for those who are alone in this life and offer them some type of friendship and hope. I look forward to this journey with Arthur. I look forward to the changes that are going to take place in his life as well as Brittany's and her family's lives. So, get ready! Because Yesterday's Hope promises to bring just that: Hope, especially from taking a good look at our past!

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