Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am often asked this question, "How do you find time to write?" I am a stay-at-home wife and mom, I homeschool my three boys ages 10, 8, and 7. We are involved in outside activities like flag football, gymnastics, basketball. The boys go to a homeschool group on Fridays, but that still doesn't leave me a lot of time for writing. That day, I do my grocery shopping and some cleaning. I do take at least two hours to write, though. I had always heard that the writing isn't what takes the most time. I didn't really agree with that statement at first. I have written three books as of today. One, Hope for Tomorrow, has been published. Hope for the Journey is in the process of being published, and the last book is in the editing process. It has taken me three and a half years to write these three books. My first thought was, how can people say it isn't time consuming?  Because they knew what was to come! The marketing process, the becoming a better writer process, that takes time! I recently joined ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers, and have received a lot of good advice, and not even from my own questioning! But to put that advice into practice? Who has the time to do that? Like I stated earlier, I am quite the busy mama! Add babysitting and potentially moving to that mix and I can barely keep my house clean, let alone give attention to the marketing details! Whew! The good news is this: I can do all things through Jesus who gives me strength! I may not have all the time in the world, but what time I do have, I know I can give attention to writing. And I also know my life won't always be like this. Soon, it will slow down. Then I give focus more on writing. My next few goals are these: Get my third book published, begin on my historical fiction book based on letters from my grandfather while in the war, and go to a writer's conference. I would love to go to a writer's conference, but money is a hindrance right now. Perhaps soon, I can work that in our budget! :)  All this to say, writing books is a dream come true! Marketing is a little tough, but it won't hinder my love for writing! If nothing else, it will help me grow and learn about the industry. You writers out there, don't give up. Keep on keeping on! For you readers out there, keep reading! We writers love it when you read our books! :)