Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finishing Strong

This phrase, "Finish strong" often comes up in my household. My boys, one in particular, will start something, and then, forget half way and not complete the task at hand. Or, if he does finish it, he finishes so half-heartedly, it drives me crazy. I constantly "encourage" him to finish what he is doing, and to finish strong. The Bible tells us whatever our hand finds to do, do with all of our heart.
I have this same problem myself. I have begun many-a-projects only to fizzle out half way through it. My writing is no different. I get gung-ho about starting a new book, and then, two-thirds of the way through, I want it to be done. I am working on that even as we speak. Or perhaps I will finish the book well, but then, I don't want to go back and read it again to do the edits. I am actually battling that right now with my third and final novel in my "Hope" series.
I despise this about myself. I don't like being this way, and I desperately want to change. Then it hit me. I am like this not just with writing or certain projects, but with my faith, too. (Slap on the forehead). During most of the house buying process, I have believed God has a purpose and a plan. He has a neighborhood he desires us to be in, to impact for His glory. I still believe that. But lately, with the uncertainty of it all, I am losing it. I am tired of the ups and downs of this process. Yet, am I finishing strong? Hm. Something for me to really think about! My sister would say that I am ok if I am frustrated because now we are at an unknown stage where some of the other stuff was expected. While I appreciate that encouragement, I still believe I need to finish this process strong. Today, that is my struggle...finishing strong. Lord, I pray You will increase my faith and help me finish strong!

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  1. Good post, love. I know it's hard, but like you keep telling me..."God's got this!" We will finish strong together!