Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whatever You do.......

LIfe has been relatively crazy lately. We are moving to a new home after renting apartments and townhomes for six very long years of nothing but white walls. :)  Last week, we signed papers to our first home in Colorado! It just so happens to be about two to three minutes from where we currently live. Thursday began the craziness of owning a home. I began painting in a mad rush to get the dining room done before the wood floor was to be put in that night. I did finish the dining room, living room, and bathroom before the day's end. I had a little helper (the girl I babysit). Unfortunately, she and I wore more paint than the walls! But it was fun all the same. My boys were at school being tested that day, and my sister picked them up for me so I could keep going. When she, my boys, and my nephews arrived later that afternoon, each one took one of my children to paint the boys' rooms. What a blessing that was! :) For the most part, we had five rooms finished by Thursday night. Much to my sadness, Gavin's room did not turn out so well, so on Friday, Chris' uncle and I repainted Gavin's room a different color. Dale and I busted out three rooms together. When he left, I painted all of the downstairs, including the bathroom. And that's just what I did! Chris and Russell did so much more for the house! Whew! What a busy few days! Plus, I am packing the house for the big move. :)
On top of painting and fixing things up, I am also critiquing a fellow authors work in progress, which I absolutely love doing! What a blast! Her novel is going to be amazing, and I am going to be the first one to buy it when it is published! I can hardly wait, Kristena! I am participating in another project (writing related but can't give much detail) that has a dead line of late June. That has been fun, too! Then of course, there is my own writing career that I am doing my best to market as well as finish editing my third and final novel in the Hope series. I am also trying to work on my grandparents book, too.
I am certainly not complaining about all that is going on. God has truly blessed me with being able to do so much, and I am doing my best to have a good attitude while doing it. I am excited to move into a new neighborhood where we can be used for God's glory. I have met a young man, Jack, already. He was riding his bike and stopped by the new house on Thursday to tell me contrats on the new house. I love this boy already! :)  I want to write for God's glory, too. I want to tell stories that will impact people, draw them closer to Jesus, and encourage them to keep on keeping on! I guess I am taking on the verse, "Whatever  you do, whether in word or deed, do all the to the glory of God." How about you? Leave a comment and let me know what you are doing to bring God glory. I would love to hear from you!

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