Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Matters

So I've decided to hopefully update my blog once a day with a theme. Today, it's Monday Matters. That could very well change as time goes on, but so far, that's what I have.
I liked the term Monday Matters for a few reasons. One, Mondays do matter. They begin the week for most people who work Monday through Friday. They begin the school week for my boys. They also begin a time of writing for me, since I normally don't have time over the weekend. Mondays, they really do matter.
Second, I liked the term Monday Matters because I can also write anything that I feel matters. I believe a lot in this world matters. These are my beliefs, and I don't want to force them down anyone's throat. So at any time you feel like it, just stop reading if you do not agree with me or if I'm making you angry.
I believe in Jesus. God matters to me. I love Him, serve Him, follow Him. He is the center of who I am. Most certainly, I am not perfect. I look to the One who is, though, and trust Him with my life.
I believe in family and the value of my family. I love spending time with them, hearing their laughter, seeing their hearts, and having conversations with them. I love my husband and the man he is and continues to become. My love for him grows daily as I see him turn into the man God intended him to be. To quote an old television show, Family Matters.
I believe in investing in others. That matters. Not being so self centered to think the world revolves around them. And I don't. I see a hurting world who needs love and compassion.
I believe in praying for others. Wild fires, severe storms, earthquakes, sicknesses, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs just to name a few things. I believe in praying for whoever asks on facebook, blogs, emails, telephone calls, texts, in person. Whatever. I stop what I'm doing to pray. God may not answer how I want Him to, but I will go before His throne on behalf of others. It matters.
I believe in friendships. God never meant for us to live in this world alone. Our hearts are made to have close relationships. So, I will work on establishing and building up those friendships. Because friendship matters. Whether you live near me or several thousand miles away, I desire to build up our friendship.
These are just a few things that matter to me. How about you? What matters in your life, in your world?

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