Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Fridays-A Holiday Tradition

One of my family's holiday traditions is decorating for Christmas. It started when Chris and I got married. He told me he used to love it when his mom would decorate the house for this wonderful holiday while he was at school. He'd said it was like coming home to a winter wonderland. Since that's what he liked, that's what I started doing. I would decorate the house while he was sleeping. Every year I've done this. And my boys love it!
Yesterday, after the boys went to school and Chris headed off to work, I decided to decorate. I didn't tell them I was doing this. I like them to be surprised. So, I put on some Christian holiday music on pandora, took the boxes upstairs, and started unpacking them. As I set each one down on the couch, I could see in my mind's eye where each one would go.
We now have a place for our stockings. It's not on a mantle above a fireplace, but it works. After I finished decorating, I quickly realized how very little decorations I own for my bigger house. Last year, our 1100 square foot home held all the decorations pretty well. Mm, not so much for our 1800 square foot home! But that's ok. We will make do with what we have this year until some awesome sales happen after Christmas.
Anyway, when my boys came home from school, they loved it. Gage couldn't stop talking about how great the house looks. They immediately put on the santa hats and looked at the Christmas books. It's wonderful having Christmas traditions. We have a few more, but this is one that starts off our holiday season.
How about you? What are some of your traditions?

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