Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Matters- Writing for His Glory

 I've loved to write since I was little. I wrote fictional stories, stories for the school newspaper, and stories for english class. Actually, I can remember one story in particular where I wrote about my bedroom being so messing, I got lost when I took a wrong turn around a pile of laundry! Good times!
Now, I have more of a purpose to write. I want to write to make people laugh with my goofy sense of humor, but that's not the main reason. I want to write to draw people into my characters lives, but that's not the main reason, either. I want to write to bring to light issues I think we all need to deal with or be encouraged in our walks with Christ. But that's not the main reason I write.
I write to bring Jesus glory. I want to draw people to Christ, to have His name be glorified. I am not a writer who desires to make a ton of money. Let's face it. That just doesn't happen in writing unless you are a big name. I'm a writer who writes for Jesus. I haven't perfected my writing. I know very little who have. But we still write. Because He can perfect the message, whether or not I don't write it with no flaws. I'm a flawed person. My writing will show that. Jesus, however, is not flawed. He is perfect. All I do, I desire to bring Him praise, honor, and glory. That's the reason I write.
So, whether it be Hope for Tomorrow, Hope for the Journey, Christmas Rayne, or Hope from the Past, I pray God will be glorified. I pray my books are not just "good stories" but that they draw people to the throne of Jesus. That's why I write. For Him and Him alone. May His name be lifted up in my writing, this very moment, until the day Jesus tells me to write no more or until the day He takes me Home.

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