Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Throwback Thursdays-A Bit of Thankfulness

We all have people in our lives who have knowingly or unknowlingly mentored us in some way. For me, it seems the list is endless. But as I look back to when I first came to know Jesus, I recall a few people who've taught me how to live the life Jesus has called me to. So today, I want to say thank you to the people who made a difference in my life.
Steffanne and Russell Ferris, without the two of you, I wouldn't know Jesus personally. You took the time to pray for me, challenge me in my beliefs, and caused me to look deeper. I am forever grateful the Lord placed you both in my life! Thank you!
Michelle Heydorn, you were an awesome mentor! I remember sitting in a doughnut shop eating muffins and drinking a beverage, talking about Jesus and our lives. You played a huge part in why I wanted to work with the junior high. I saw how much time you invested in my life and wanted to give back. Thank you!
Tony and Minette Allmoslecher, every week we'd have Bible studies at your house, but your mentoring didn't stop there. Minette, you often gave me godly advice and wisdom in a time of my life when I didn't have that motherly influence. You took me straight to the Word of God and guided me. Tony, you were like the Christian dad I'd never have. Playful,  yet pointing me to the Cross. You took time out of your very busy days to talk with me and my sister when we were hurting. Thank you!
Tom and Shelly McGlinchey, you two were an amazing couple! You both showered me with love and guidance! I can't tell you how much your love meant to me. Thank you so very much for taking time out of your days to spend with me!
Chuck and Pam Booher, your encouragment for my walk with Christ will never be forgotten. Pam, I had gotten a huge compliment from one of my junior highers when I was working with them. She told me I reminded her of you! I can't tell you how much that blessed me! Thank you for pouring into my life!
So, today, as my Throwback Thursday, I want to say Thank You. Thank You for giving to the Lord because I am a life that was changed!

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