Thursday, November 1, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

I was talking with Chris the other night about this topic. He asked me if I had enough posts about "throwbacks." I think so!
Today's Throwback Thursday topic is one of music. I became a Christian in 1990 (oddly enough, a month after my husband, though we didn't know each other or even know of each other then.) One of the groups I immediately began listening to was Petra. I can still remember the first tape (I know, right? Tape? What's that?) I'd turn on when I came home from school. This Means War. Even as I type this, so many of their songs are popping into my head! It's funny how that can happen, isn't it? I remember my sister driving me up to pick up a friend from Apple Valley and we'd have Petra blaring in the car stereo. Good times, good times!
Another throwback band I used to listen to was DC Talk. I'm not referring to the alternative DC Talk. No sir! I'm talkin' about the Rap DC Talk. Remember the Heavenbound song? How about I Love Rap Music? I still have those songs on my iPOD. Actually, some of their songs are the best ones to work out to! They'll get you pumpin', even if you giggle every so often from the music. Lyrics are still pretty good, though. :)
This is a lesser known band, but I still remember Crystavox. I often think of Joanne Long when I remember their song, Paradise. For some reason, either she or another one of our friends, used to think they sang There are Giants! Still cracks me up to this day.
Anyway, in honor of Throwback Thursday, enjoy the video below:

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