Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays-Comfort Publishing

When I finished my first novel, Hope for Tomorrow, I sent it out to many, and I do mean many, publishing houses. I also sent it out to quite a few agents. I can't even tell you how many no's I received. It seemed every time I checked my email, there was one from a publisher/agent with the "Thanks, but no thanks" message. I was getting discouraged, to say the least.
But then I got a yes! Comfort Publishing saw something in my writing that no one else did. And they took a chance on me. :) I've been blessed to work with this amazing company located in North Carolina. I haven't met these wonderful people face to face, yet, but one day I hope to! They've not only taken a chance on Hope for Tomorrow, but on Hope for the Journey. I've been blessed to work with Kristy Huddle, Jason Huddle, and Reed Karriker. They've been great! Whenever I have any doubts about what I should do or what I need to be doing, Kristy is right there, always pointing the way! She's truly the best! If we lived closer together, I could see our sons hanging out and us having a cup of tea or coffee (mine would be peppermint mocha.....Kristy, what would yours be?)  :) 
Kristy works hard to get my books promoted and set up. As a matter of fact, she even set up having a giveaway on for Hope for the Journey. Here's the link:

I love working with Kristy and Jason and Reed! So, my blog post for this day is Wonderful Wednesday because truly, Comfort Publishing is wonderful! :)

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