Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fun-More Christmas Books

I'm a reading maniac. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I love to read. And with Christmas right around the corner, well, let's just say I've been reading almost every Christmas story I can get my hands on!
Today's post will feature 2 authors-Amanda Cabot and Melody Carlson.

Christmas Roses by Amanda Cabot is by far one of the sweetest Christmas stories I've read! Here's the back blurb:

Celia Anderson doesn't need anything for Christmas except a few more boarders, which are hard to come by in this small mining town. She certainly doesn't have a husband on her Christmas wish list. But when a wandering carpenter finds lodging at her boarding house, she admits that she might remarry if she found the right man--the kind of man who would bring her roses for Christmas. It would take a miracle to get roses during a harsh Wyoming winter. But Christmas, after all, is the time for miracles . . .

Amanda Cabot invites readers to cozy up with a romantic, heartwarming tale of the greatest gift of all--love

Absolutely adored this one! It's definitely a must read!

I've read quite a few by Melody Carlson, too. Here are some of the ones I've read this season: Christmas at Harringtons, The Christmas Bus, The Christmas Shoppe, The Gift of Christmas Present, The Christmas Dog, All I Have to Give.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Christmas at Harrington's. Here's the back blurb:
Christmas is approaching, and Lena Markham finds herself penniless, friendless, and nearly hopeless. She is trying to restart her life, but job opportunities are practically nonexistent. When a secondhand red coat unexpectedly lands her a job as Mrs. Santa at a department store, Lena finally thinks her luck is changing. But can she keep her past a secret?

And then another favorite was The Gift of Christmas Present:

College student Christine Bradley grew up in a loving and honest family. So she couldn't have been more surprised when, shortly after her mother's death, her father revealed the startling truth that Christine had been adopted at birth.In search of clues about her biological mother, Christine encounters a family she never knew she had. She digs deeper as Christmas nears and what she finds reveals a shocking lineage. Will Christine be able to come to grips with the past, take hold of the present, and look forward to a brighter future?Carlson's warm tale of loss, recovery, and acceptance will captivate current fans and create new ones.
There were so many twists and turns in this story! Loved it!  
I hope you get a chance to read some of these books. They are great!


  1. You like to read as much as I do. I'm so thankful I found your blog, as we seem to enjoy the same types of books. Thank you for posting today. Blessings & Merry Christmas, Susan Fryman

  2. Joi -- I'm so glad you enjoyed Christmas Roses. Thanks so much for featuring it on your blog.