Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Matters-Home in the making

One full year ago this month, I came home from California. I'd talked with  Mark Risley, our realtor, about going house hunting when I returned, just to see what was out there. One Friday while my boys were in Friday school, I saw a listing of a house just 2 minutes from the condo we were renting. Mark agreed to meet me at the house at 2:00 in the afternoon.
I drove up to the house and thought, "Hm." Not too impressed, but we'd give it a go. If I recall correctly, someone was still looking at the house when I pulled up. Mark and I waited for them to be done and then took our turn. We walked through the front door, and already, I thought, "Well, this is  hideous!" Black tile floor, tile stairs, mirrored closet doors in the entry way. Not my cup of tea, but let's keep going.
We looked through the entire house, and I really didn't get a feel for it. The thing is, the price was right, and I had a hard time not showing it to Chris. We saw the house again on Sunday. Chris hum and hawed, just like I had done. We talked it over and over and over. I think we waited a week before we put an offer in. The following Monday, our offer was accepted. And thus began the journey of purchasing our first home in Colorado.
I won't go into detail about that. Many of you know the trying times we had. I really wanted to share the joy it is to have our own home. From the day our offer was accepted, we drove through the neighborhood several times. It was so fun to see how quiet or noisy it was. Always quiet. Still is. We would look at the huge window and dream of a Christmas tree sitting right in front of it. And it's there now as I write this.
I pictured our couch against the wall, me curled up with a blanket and my laptop. Yep, it's happening this very moment. This is more than just a house. It's my home. A home I invite people to join us for dinner. A home where friends can put their feet up and relax. A home where the boys can play outside on the trampoline, invite friends to play with them.
This is my home, a place where Christ is the center. Where He can use me and my family for His kingdom. We still have a lot of work to do, but I love my home, and I am so very thankful God has given me this place!

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