Thursday, December 20, 2012

Throwback Thursdays-Grace Livingston Hill

Ok, so I opted to continue with my throwback theme, even during Christmas. I can honestly say that without Joanne Long, I never would have known about Grace Livingston Hill. Joanne introduced me to her when I was first a believer, probably trying to help me fill my mind with good stuff and not V.C. Andrews.
I can remember riding my bike to Joanne's house and borrowing almost every book she had by Grace. It was so much fun to sit and read and get lost in a sweet story. And believe me, her stories were really sweet! I loved each and every one I read.
I may very well have read every book every published by this amazing author. I don't know. Joanne had quite a collection going. Whatever she had, I read!
Joanne, thanks for introducing me to good reading material! I am very grateful to you for showing me how to fill my mind with good, Godly fiction! It's really helped me as I write!
So, in honor of Grace Livingston Hill, here's a blurb about The Christmas Bride:

Now a wealthy man, Greg Sterling heads back east to make a name for himself. But on his first day home, he stumbles on a down-and-out young woman in desperate need of his help. Then just as quickly as she appeared, Margaret McLaren vanishes without a trace. As several days of searching come up empty-handed, old flame Alice Blair saunters into Greg’s world, vying to win his heart—and his pocketbook. But will her coquettishness keep Greg from finding his true love?

The Christmas Bride (Love Endures)

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  1. I haven't read anything by this author, but I must, I see. Your memory of this is wonderful. When I first made my commitment as a Christian to stop reading secular fiction and instead only read books written by Christian authors with the kind of messages and stories that would be uplifting, I too had one special author I found and read everything I could. Now, thankfully I've found so many wonderful Christian authors. Blessings & Merry Christmas, Susan Fryman