Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Thursdays-Jobs

Because I started my new job yesterday, I thought it appropriate to write about my first few jobs in the 1990's. My first real job, aside from babysitting, was at Soup Exchange in San Dimas, California. It is now an IHOP. Soup Exchange is like a Souper Salad type of restaraunt. I did a lot there, from cashiering to wiping tables, to filling up the salad bar. Sarah Towne and I worked together. Actually, I do believe it was her who got me the job. It was fun working. I enjoyed meeting people. We did have a lot of regulars.
One funny story was when my two sisters, Steff and Kim, had gone shopping that day and parked near my work. I saw the car and wrote a note, "Hola Hermanas!" I left it on the windshield. Well, Kim had no idea what I meant since she hadn't taken spanish yet and said, "What's a herman?" Ever since that day, I've called those two Herman!
I remember working there and getting really burned out after a while. Sarah had prayed with me and asked God if it was time for me to leave. Shortly after her prayer, I fell and dislocated my right shoulder and bruised my butt-bone. Not that I think God made that happen, but it ended up being good. I got worker's comp for a bit, too. That was helpful.
So many memories of that night come flashing through my mind. Like when my mom's husband, Vic, picked me up. We got home, and I couldn't open the Cadilac's door. I told him that and he kind of flipped out. He rushed in the house and got Mom and off to the hospital we went! The next day, he stood outside of my room which had an adjoining shower/bathroom just to make sure I didn't fall when I took a shower. It was neat.
My all-time favorite job in the early 90's was definitely the coffee shop. I really think I was made to work/own one some day. I worked at Garden Gate in downtown Covina. The coffee shop isn't there anymore, but the needlepoint store is. That was a blast! I had many friends and family come in to hang out with me and talk with me. Krista Tucker was one of my weekly if not daily friends who hung out with me. Sarah Towne worked there, too, and told me they were hiring. With her recommondation and the owner's husband knowing my dad from years before, the job was mine. I loved that place, too! Kim Broadwell and I used to work the evening weekend shift together quite a bit. She hates Michael Jackson, and being the fun friend I am, when I was the lead person, I would play his cd. I know. Great, huh?
Anyway, just some of the places I've worked at. One day, I really want to open a coffee house. I know it'll be tough with Starbucks, but who knows? God may just fulfill this dream yet!

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  1. Sweet memories, Joi. Thanks for including me :). And funny the things we remember ~ I forgot about your arm/tailbone injury. Also, Garden Gate was probably my all-time favorite job ever. It's amazing to look back and see how God has woven this thread that we had no way of knowing, but that began way back then and there.
    Love you, sister.