Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays-My Cup Overflows

Last Tuesday, I spent most of the day in tears and battling with anxiety. I'd just lost my job. I worked at a coffee shop in Littleton, Co. The shop went out of business due to personal reasons/health reasons of the owner. I think they really wanted to expand the bar next door, too. So, Tuesday morning, I found out my job was terminated. I'd never been let go before. I was always the one to determine if I left a job or not. Until Tuesday, that is.
While I understand God has a plan, all I saw was my job gone. We were counting on that money to get out of debt, to save for Disney World. I'd only been working there for a month, but I loved it. I really felt like the coffee thing was my niche.
One of the hardest things for me turned out to be job searching. Most of the stores and restaraunts had hired for the holidays already. My window of getting a job before the New Year was quickly closing. I searched everyday several times a day on craigslist and searched the niternet. I applied to many, and I do mean many, places. Nothing.
In the meantime, I continued to write. I'm working on another novella that should be done soon. I was able to see my boys get awards at school (I wouldn't have been able to if I still had my job). And I spent all day Tuesday with my fabulous husband! I felt really full! God is filling my cup to overflowing!
Do I have a job? Nope! But I do have 2 job interviews. We are currently praying about opening a coffee shop. Not sure how, but if God wants us to, He'll provide a way. And I am still writing. Chris is doing a lot of the ground work on that because he knows it's always been my dream. Love that guy!
I woke up on Tuesday to a few inches of snow, and let me tell you, the snow and cold weather just put me in the Christmas mood! I get to sing praises to God through Christmas carols, and I get to pause and remember the birth of my Savior. My cup indeed overflows!
How about you? How is your cup overflowing this holiday season?

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