Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays-A New Road

The month of December came and is leaving in a whirl. I'm not too sure what happened. I blinked, and bam! It's almost over. I'd like to blame it on working, but since the coffee shop I worked at closed it's doors early December, that certainly isn't it. I'd say more than likely it had to do with promoting Hope for the Journey and Christmas Rayne. Throw in Christmas, and yep, it was one busy month.
Today, however, begins a new journey for me. I start work at Einstein's Bagel Shop. I won't have a set schedule like I did at the coffee shop, and I'll be working 25-35 hours per week. I've applied to so many places over the last month. My qualifications should have landed me more than a few interviews (not to be conceited). So, the fact that I was offered this job tells me that this is where God wants me. That has been my biggest prayer. Lord, where do You want me? How can I further Your kingdom?
I didn't want to work at a Christian owned company. My life is surrounded by all things Christian. I go to church, I have mostly Christian friends, I write Christian novels and novellas, etc. In and of itself, that isn't bad. But I also need to be a shining light in a very, very dark world. If I surround myself with only Christianity, how am I impacting others who need Jesus?
And thus, begins a new road for me to travel. I get to go to work 4-6 times a week, put on a smiling face, and shine for my Great and Wonderful Lord. I won't be preachy. Nope. I'll let my actions speak first and then follow with my words. I get to come in contact with people who will visit the bagel shop on a regular basis and some who will come in only once. I get to see my co-workers often and learn about them.
And on top of it all, I have the blessed opportunity to bring in a little extra cash to help us get out of debt, build up a savings, and save for Disneyworld. Really, I am truly a woman overflowing with gratitude to be able to do these things....starting in just a few short minutes!
I am off to work today, and I pray will make a huge impact for His Kingdom. This is my new road I get to travel. Thanks for sharing the journey with me!
How about you? What new road do you have the opportunity to travel?

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  1. Wow. You're right about needing to be a shining beacon. You'll have such a great impact for the Kingdom. People notice your walk and your love of the Lord so much more by your actions than by your words. When I was able to work, little things I did would come up years later that had led folks to be interested in Christ. It was of course the Holy Spirit, not me, I like you just showed up where God wanted me. Blessings and hugs, Susan Fryman