Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays-Wonderful Christmas Fiction

It's Christmas time! Can you believe how fast the year has gone? I am truly amazed! I can still remember exactly what I was doing on January 1! Ok, granted, it does happen to be my birthday, but the year has flown by! We've had ups and downs, twists and turns, joys and sorrows. The world has been in an uproar over tragedies, elections, crazy weather, and more.
Yes, through it all, I make the time to read. I read for a few reasons. I read to escape my life. I read to meet new people. I read to better my writing. So, this Christmas, I have read pretty much nothing but Christmas books and novellas. I've thoroughly enjoyed most of what I've read. Granted, some I have not. But today, I am going to share with you at least two, maybe three Christmas books I really liked.

Merry's Christmas by Susan Rohrer-Desperate to make ends meet, winsome diner waitress Merry Hopper takes a temp job as a Christmas Coordinator for a handsome widower, promising to bring Christmas back for his three kids. As the "haves" collide with the "have nots" of this world, Merry finds herself head over heels for the family she's never had, most of all her new banker boss, not realizing that he's well on the way toward a Yuletide engagement to his employer's beautiful daughter.

Absolutely loved this book! A must read for Christmas time!

31 Kissed and Advent by Chautona Havig-
 31 Kisses-
When one plus one equals thirty-one… It happens every day. Guy meets grandpa–and girl. Guy knocks grandpa off ladder Guy kisses girl to make it “all better.” Every day. For a month. Just your normal, average, all-American romance… Meet Chessie and Carson. She goes “all out” for Christmas (and every other holiday including Columbus Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Flag Day); he doesn’t own a single thing that could be considered decorative–unless you count the stickers he stuck to his dresser back when he was three. Neither of them have ever had a serious relationship; both are opposed to frivolous expressions of affection. How on earth did they get tangled up in a “kiss-a-day-during-December” pact? “Read it with a mug of hot chocolate and a candy cane. It's better than Christmas cookies.” ~ B. D. Haropolous

Countdown to Christmas! Curtis Brighton: the enigma of Delta Advertising. Why doesn’t the highest paid, most successful man in the office receive the promotions that he has earned? Why is his wallet worn out and his briefcase falling apart, and why doesn’t he at least participate in the office “Secret Santa?” These and other questions plague his cubicle- mate, Lita Cathey. After three years of sitting across from him, she knows only his work ethic and his strange propensity to disappear from the office in a rush. As the month counts down, the most unlikely relationship builds until Lita’s heart is so entangled that she has to face her own fears. Why is a Christian woman panicked at the thought of a man sold-out to Jesus? Merry Christmas, Lita!

Simply adorable books! Good, heart warming, and wonderful.
These are just a few of the ones I've read. I'll post more on Friday and maybe even skip out on Throwback Thursdays to bring you some more! Loved these books, though! :)

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