Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fun-Pay It Forward

I woke up this morning with no idea what I was going to write about today. Many thoughts came in and out of my head. I thought about writing about fun facts (and probably weird facts) about myself that many of you wouldn't know about. I thought about telling about my birthday and the great day I had. I even considered sharing about my new job. Then, one woman posted about Pay it forward on Facebook and I knew that's what I had to do.
I love the idea of paying it forward. Have you ever been in line somewhere and someone says, "Oh, your bill has been taken care of?" I have!
One Sunday morning, I really wanted a peppermint mocha. I had my gift card all ready to use. I walked up to the counter ordered my drink. She got it all together and told me my drink had been paid for! What a great way to start off the day! That was the day I decided to pay it forward.
I tried at least once a month to pay for someone's drink when I went to write at Starbucks. I would get weird looks every so often, but mostly, the barista was pretty shocked and often thanked me. I didn't do it to get the thanks. I did it to give a blessing to someone as they started their day. I tried to make it so that the person behind me wouldn't know I was doing it, too. That's even more fun than getting a thanks from them!
So, my challenge to you this year, 2013, is to pay it forward. Give it a try. Bless someone in a small or big way. I promise you won't be sorry!

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