Monday, January 14, 2013

Mocha Monday

What kind of coffee do you like? Are you the type of person who likes coffee black, perhaps with a little cream and sugar? Or, are you like me, and enjoy one of life's pleasures, a specialty coffee drink? Do you prefer americanos, vanilla lattes, or mochas? I'm one of those people who take it a few steps further: I love me a peppermint mocha, non-fat, decaf, extra hot with one shot of decaf espresso. Yep, I make the barista's life difficult.
To make a mocha, you have to have the right ingredients. You can't make a mocha with tea. You can't make it with orange juice or apple juice. No sir, you've gotta have the right stuff (oh no! I just quoted New Kids on the Block!). Espresso, milk, chocolate, and if you like it flavored like me, peppermint. Can you imagine what it would taste like if I had orange juice and peppermint? Yuck!
The same goes for life. To make it through this life, you've got to have the right ingredient. Jesus. He's what makes life worth living. You see, I can't imagine my life without Him. I've gone through some pretty difficult times in my journey. Without Christ, I'd be drinking an orange flavored "coffee" drink. He's the main ingredient, just like my espresso. If I took out the espresso in my mocha, I'd have hot chocolate. Not what I really want.
Jesus. He's what matters. He makes this "drink of life" so much better. No, I am not saying easier. I am saying better. I don't have to worry about my problems, because I know Jesus has it all under control. I don't need to stress over big and little things, because Jesus knows what I'm going through. He's been through it. He's seen my troubled past, my frustrating present, and my stressful future. He's seen the ups and downs of my life, even when I don't. He's walked with me through my failures of my past, my victories. He's holding me in the present, loving me as I find triumph over struggles and loving me when I stumble and fall. He's already in my future, preparing the way for me.
Jesus is my espresso in my mocha. He makes me go, "Ahhhh." just like I do when I take my first sip of my peppermint decaf mocha. He encourages me to lay my burden down and come to Him. To trust Him with all of it.
When I take a sip of my mocha, I'm reminded that Jesus is all I really need. Everything else is just the whipped cream.

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