Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Matters-What Drives You?

More often than not, I'm faced with new challenges, new opportunities. Or so it seems this year. My kids started public school for the first time ever in August. That decision allowed me to work. So I began looking for a part time job. It's quite difficult finding a job, even part time. So many people are out of work. It's truly amazing and sad. From August to November, I searched. Then, I was hired at a coffee shop.
I love coffee shops. I love going to work in a coffee shop. One day, I hope to own one. It's not a dream I don't think I'll ever fulfill either. Chris and I are really looking into it and preparing for it. It may take years, but that's ok. I want to own a shop where Jesus will be glorified. Buy coffee beans that will donate the money to the people who grow them or something like that. I want to own a place where I can reach out to people, at first with a smile and encouraging word, and then with the gospel. This is one of my dreams.
Sadly, the coffee shop went out of business within one month of me working there. And so, the hunt for another job began. I applied to places ranging from secretarial/receptionist work to other coffee shops to waitressing to bagel shops. My prayer the entire time has been this, "Lord, put me where I can be used for You." The money doesn't matter. I'm not interested in making millions. Just enough to help us get out of debt. I'm not interested in taking time away from my family either. A few hours here and there is fine, but I don't want to work all nights and not spend time with my husband and kids.
Then I got a job at a bagel shop. To be honest, I wasn't particularly thrilled at first. I mean, I'm 37 and working with bagels. But then I realized, it's not about me. It's about the people I come in contact with on a weekly basis. It's about sharing Christ's love by going above and beyond what I'm asked to do. Paul tells us in Corinthians to "let the love of Christ compel you." That's what I want to drive me, to push me. Not the title I may get from working, not the money, or even family time. I want Christ's love to push me, compel me to live for Him and draw others to Him. I haven't perfected it yet.....not even close. But overall, that's what I want. That's what I desire to drive me. What about you? What drives you?

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