Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tazo Tea Thursdays

Have you seen all the fantastic things Starbucks can do with Tazo Tea? Aside from the regular brewed tea they serve, they can make tazo tea chai lattes, tazo vanilla rooibos latte, tazo iced green tea lattes, and on and on and on.
While I am a tea drinker, I haven't experienced any of these tea concoctions because they can't make them in decaf. But when I saw all the things they do with tea, I was amazed. One single ingredient can turn into many different things.
That took my mind to a whole new place. One single ingredient. A willing heart. And wow! The things God can do with just a willing heart! And what's even more amazing is that He works in so many different ways with each willing heart. One person will be moved to another country as a missionary while another will be home, working an 8-5 job, yet reaching those around him. God can use a willing heart to serve Him by visiting orphans and widows or by being a stay-at-home mom who homeschools. The Lord doesn't use each of us in the same way. No sir. He's creative.
He uses people in worship and creating music for Him. He uses people to write fiction and non-fiction books to draw others into a deeper relationship with Jesus. He uses those who are artistic to cause the hearts of people to give Him glory through paintings and pictures.
It's amazing that God can use one single ingredient, a willing heart, to make such wonderous things. Quite similar to the tazo tea. One simple ingredient. Many wonderful drinks. What a great God I serve!
What about you? How does God use your willing heart?

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