Thursday, January 3, 2013

Throwback Thursdays-My Junior Highers

I had such amazing youth sponsors when I was in high school. Women who took me under their wing and guided me to the cross. They'd listen, laugh, and love me. Because of these amazing women, I knew I wanted to work with junior high when I graduated from high school.
Jackie Hetzer (a.k.a. Beatle) was my youngest sister's friend. I remember discipling each other. I know I should have been discipling her, but I learned as much from her as she did from me, if not more.
I had a group of junior highers that I really connected with from the get go. I didn't reach out to them, they reached out to me. Micol Gonzalez, Teresa Lui, Monica Eck, Linda Bernal, Liz Olson, Johnny Vasquez, Cara Cutruzulla, and David Wilkinson were some amazing  kids truly seeking God's kingdom. The girls and I had many sleep overs. We'd stay up late playing games, tping (of course), and talk. I had the blessed opportunity to bond and connect with these amazing young women. They'd pour into my life. I honestly believe I learned more and was stretched more because of these ladies than I could ever do for them. I sit back and see some of them and their dedication to Christ, and my heart rejoices they've continued in this path. I love seeing them on Facebook with their families (gosh, I'm old) and hearing the things they are doing!
Johnny and David were two of the guys I was pretty close with. Johnny and I would sit and talk for a long time about life and love. David's smile and laughter still ring in my ears and my mind when I think of him as a young man. These two guys were pretty amazing. I'd seen some awesome men of God in high school, and I knew these two would follow in that path.
I had such a blast with these kiddos. They were all strong believers in Christ, seeking His ways above all others, and truly desiring to do God's will. I'm blessed and proud to say I've had the chance to work with them. They taught me, inspired me, and challenged me to go deeper in my walk with Jesus. Thank you, dear ones! Truly blessed by the love you poured into my life!

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