Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tea for You and Me

As I was thinking about tea, I remembered Sue, in Hope for Tomorrow, had something to say about it. Her sister, Josephine, had come over to Sue's house, angry. Sue did something she thought her mom would do. Take a look at her thoughts:

“Can I get you some tea to help you calm down?” Sue did her best not to get defensive, but needed to have a gentle voice. She had been meditating on verses in the bible that had said things about a harsh word stirs up anger, but a soft answer turns away wrath. Now, with everything in her, she forced herself to be calm.

“Tea? Are you kidding me?” Josephine’s look was flabbergasted. “I came over here to talk to you. I can only assume you talked with Steven since he has a habit of running to you whenever there is a problem with me. And you want me to have tea?”

Sue gently took Josephine by the hand and drew her into the living room. “Isn’t that what Mom would have done? Wouldn’t she have said lets start this conversation out with a bit of tea?”

“Well, you are not Mom, and she isn’t here, so why bother?” Josephine tossed her keys down on the coffee table and turned on Sue.

“Jo, I know I’m not Mom. I never claimed to be. I happen to agree with her, though. Tea has a calming effect on a conversation. First of all, it takes a bit of time for the water to boil, so we don’t have to hurry. We can sit and think before we say anything. Second, the tea is hot and takes time to drink. That's good because instead of saying things quickly, we can sip the tea and relax. Third, I enjoy the taste of tea.”
I have to say, I totally agree with Sue. On all accounts. I love tea for this simple reason that you can't rush it. Sure, you can toss a cup of water in the microwave, but you still have to wait for a bit for the tea to settle in your cup.
I thoroughly enjoy having tea with a friend. Sarah Wakefield is one of my "tea" girls. We'll sit at her house, cup of tea in our hands, and just talk. Our time isn't rushed because we can't drink a hot beverage that fast. Over tea, we discuss almost everything under the sun! How I appreciate our tea time!
I have a few favorite teas, one Sarah introduced me to. My first favorite is herbal peppermint tea. I love the minty flavor! The one Sarah introduced me to is decaf chai tea. I also enjoy herbal apple cinnamon. Of course, for me, I love a splash of cream in my tea, too. No sugar. Yum!
What about you? Are you a tea drinker? What is it you enjoy about this yummy beverage? And what's your favorite?

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