Wednesday, January 16, 2013

White Chocolate Mocha Wednesday

I love white chocolate mochas. As a matter of fact, that was my signature drink whenever I'd go into the Coffee Klatch with Kim Broadwell and Jeannine Galindo or Chris. I know white chocolate isn't something everyone likes. Actually, I think only one of my children like it. Chris doesn't at all. There's just something about it that is so yummy, though.
Now, when I take my nephew, Dylan, to get coffee at Starbucks, he gets white chocolate. Love that.
As I sit here and think about white chocolate, I think about how it isn't the norm for my family. Less than half of us like it. It's just not the thing to eat or drink. It's not available at my fingertips, unlike my peppermint mochas. Those are easily accessible.
Which leads me to ponder my time with some mormons today. They came in December, and it was so stinkin' cold, I invited them in for a hot drink and fudge. They took me up on the fudge, not the drink. They came back another day I wasn't feeling so well. Today, they returned in the midst of my cleaning. I had a towel in hand when I answered the door, and apologized. I told them I was in the midst of cleaning. Their response? "Would you like us to help?"
Boy, that caught me off guard! My goodness, I don't hear that a lot at all! Yes, my boys and husband will periodically ask if I need help (they really do...not just saying that). But I don't get that from people who drop by or from two guys I just met a month ago.
And that led me to think on other things. How often am I accessible to help others? Not when they ask for it, but just because. Am I like my peppermint mocha, ready and willing? Or am I like the white chocolate mocha, where I have to go search for it? Hm. Not something I want to be.
I really was surprised at how available these two young men were to help me. Of course, I turned them down (kicking myself now though), but they looked too nice to get down and dirty and scrub my floor. Although, I have no doubt they would have.
Do I? Am I willing to get down and dirty to help others? While I will not turn to mormonism, I certainly did learn something from these two gents today. Lord, may I be willing and available to help others.