Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays-Peace At Last

  I used to homeschool my kids. We'd homeschool year round because we would take vacations, have people visit us, or have sick days. So, we would continue homeschooling through the summer. This year, the boys are in public school. They go to a great school now. They've made friends and are understanding the concept of public school.
All three boys loved Thanksgiving break. They thought having that many days off was great! Then Christmas break came, and boy, did they have a blast not doing homework or having to get up early. Until today. My three boys start back today. What does that mean? For them, it means getting up early, having homework, and going to bed early.
But for me? That means peace! No more breaking up arguments. No more grumpiness because their brother did something they didn't like. No more interruptions while I write! Oh my goodness! I get to write! And for me, it means having a clean house for at least eight hours a day! Wow. I seriously cannot believe how excited I am for school to start again today!
My immediate thought is to dwell on the summer and how they are going to make me nutty. But no. I'm not going down that road. I'm going to relish in the first day back for my boys.
While I am so glad I have three kids, I am equally as glad they are in school this year, and not just for me. Gage is learning how to deal with his learning disability. Gavin is being challenged to push himself and not be satisfied for mediocrity. And Garrison is being forced out of his comfort zone. All around, this has been a great decision for my family for now. Who knows what two years will bring? But in the meantime, today, I am going to enjoy my last!

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