Monday, February 4, 2013

God and The Hobbit

What a great day my family and I had today. I love Sundays, especially when I don't have to work. Today, we treated my boys to a movie, The Hobbit. While I know there were several things in the movie that were not in the book, I really liked this movie. It was truly amazing! Let me tell you why.
The moment in the movie when Bilbo and the dwarves are tied up by the trolls and slowly being cooked, then are saved by blinding light and Gandalf really had me thinking. While Bilbo stalls the trolls to gain some time for the sun to rise, Gandalf comes to the rescue at what appears to be the very last moment.
But, oh, that's not all! No sir! Once again, the dwarves find themselves in a precarious position. They're in the cave of the goblins, Bilbo is MIA, and Gandalf is on the way to the dwarves, but they have no idea if or when he'll reach them. Just when the moment looks helpless, Gandalf shows up, causes light to break forth, and he shouts, "Take up your arms and fight!"
These two scenarios reminded me so much of Jesus. How many times have you been in the trenches, fighting your "trolls" with no way out, and God comes to the rescue? How about when you're in the darkest of caves, with no light shining? It seems so dark and hopeless that you just don't know if or when you will ever get out. Your enemy is surrounding you from every side, and truly, you feel like you're done for. But then, BAM! God shows up, shines His light in the eyes of your enemies, with enough of it to guide your way, and yells, "Take up your arms and fight! Don't give up or give in to despair!"
I love that about God, I really do! When I'm down and out, struggling to see the light, God shows up in His time and fights not only with me, but for me. He doesn't leave me alone, ever. And He doesn't do things in my time, ever. I can tell God what I want and when I want it, but that doesn't mean that's His plan. He sees the big picture while I only see a snippet of the snapshot.
Isn't it amazing? Now tell me, how has God rescued you? Not only by sending Jesus, but what else? When things were dark for you and you felt like your world was closing in, what did Jesus do to step in? I'm excited to find out!
Oh, and if you haven't seen The Hobbit, please do! I loved it! Can't wait for the next two!

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  1. Thank you for this Joi! For has been health issue after health issue. Not just for myself but my whole family and it has lasted several years. But through it all we still live and grow and experience the love of God! Whether we are encouraged or we have lost all hope and feel depressed He doesn't leave us. He may not choose to heal us...or He may...but we still feel and know His love and He continues to teach me. Ever so thankful.