Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Darling

It's appropriate that I would post Letters of Love cover on facebook today. Because you see, that's how it started with my husband and I. All through a letter, or a card, rather. It started with an early birthday card and hasn't ended. This journey we've been on has had its ups and downs, twists and turns, bumps and smooth places. I wouldn't trade a single moment because it led us to where we are now.
So, I'm going to steal my love's idea and tell you what I love about him.
Chris is godly. He isn't afraid to speak up about his beliefs. He takes a stand against wrong and evil. He shows our boys what it means to be a man and follow Jesus. Extremely attractive!
He is an excellent husband. He encourages me in my dreams, tells me when I'm wrong, and is incredibly patient. He's lifted me up in some very dark times in my life. He is my biggest supporter when it comes to my writing.
My man is a fabulous father. The boys learn so much from this man. He laughs with them, plays and wrestles with them, watches the shows they want and introduces them to new ones (sometimes much to my changrin). He does projects with my kiddos. And he spends time with them, doing what they want to do.
Chris is sexy. Especially when he makes the face in the photo. It's true. No sarcasm there at all. He is the most attractive man I have ever seen! And in the entire world.
He is talented. Chris can play any musical instrument and sing. I love that about him!
And my love is artistic. Give him a picture and he can draw it just by looking at it.
When the Bible talks about putting other's needs before our own, Chris does it. He serves me and my boys and after a hard day at work, will come home and work some more just because he feels I shouldn't have to.
I love this guy.
Chris, even though we don't celebrate the traditional way, Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you for showing me unconditional love year round!

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