Friday, April 19, 2013

What If.....

I homeschooled my boys since they were in Kindergarten. I received slack from some, praise from others, and sympathy from most. This last year, the kids were put into public school, one of the hardest schools in our district.
Today and Monday, the schools gave all the kids those two days off for testing. Last week, Gage and Gavin had a Blast Off to Outer Space party for finishing their math packets that literally had 1000 questions. Chris and I were able to go to Gavin's party, and then I went to Gage's.
As I sat there, I began to realize just how much work teachers go through. I have friends who are teachers, and I often saw how much they went through, how time consuming teaching is. It certainly isn't an 8-5 job. Not in the least.
Which got me to thinking: We don't give our teachers enough credit. School funding is the first to go when there is a budget crisis. Teachers don't get raises, lose their jobs, and even before all of that, they have to deal with children who don't want to learn and with parents who think it's only the teachers' job to educate their children.
We have every day heroes and role models in our neighborhoods and cities, and they don't own million dollar houses. I'm talking about teachers, policemen, firemen. People who literally put their life on the line for the rest of humanity. How do teachers do that? By going to school every day to shower our kids with knowledge. They are the first to respond when a tragedy occurs in our schools, the ones to protect our precious babies. Following them are our law enforcement.
What do these amazing people receive salary wise? Not much. Barely enough to live on. So, what would happen if our professional athletes took, oh, I don't know, let's say half of their generous salary and donated it to teachers. Think about it. How much does the average athlete get paid? I can't even begin to imagine. But there are at least 20 players per football team, 10 per baseball, 10 per soccer and basketball. I think I'm even low balling it. But what if those players, each and every one of them, stopped living lavishly and started giving away their salary to teachers across our nation?
Yes, I am also talking about teachers in private schools, charter schools, and public schools. My goodness, that would be astounding! Truly and wonderfully astounding!
You see, I'm thankful for each teacher my boys have had. The teachers at the elementary school and the teachers at their charter school. While I cannot pay them what they deserve, I will give kudos to them and do my best to show my appreciation.
If you haven't already, please thank your child's teacher!

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