Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Simple Trade

My family and I had a yard sale today. I told the boys that if they went through their room and got rid of stuff, they could keep the money. Amazing how much they got rid of. Sadly, the day didn't produce much on the financial end, but it did on the spiritual end, for me anyway.
Chris' mom was going to get rid of the bed in their extra room. I told her we'd take it off her hands if she so desired. This morning, she and her husband decided to bring by the bed. Mom saw that I was getting rid of a chair that I'd gotten at a previous yard sale a year ago and asked if we could trade the chair for the bed.
Um, considering the fact that I was selling the chair for a dollar or two, and she had a bed, box spring, head board, and bed frame she'd been willing to give me, I heartily said yes!
Which got me to pondering. For her, it was a simple trade. For me, I definitely got the better end of the bargain. Again, that got me thinking.
I got the better end of the bargain when it comes to Christ. I really did. See, for him, it was a simple trade, my life for His. But boy, oh boy, did He get the short end of the stick. I am full of faults, failures, sins, disappointments. I'm not perfect. But He traded His life for mine. Simply amazing.
Chris' mom may not think I got the better bargain. The chair works great in her house. The colors match her theme and now she has a place to sit when she has a house full of people.
And Jesus looks at it that way, too. I see my imperfections. He sees my beauty. I see my failures. He sees my successes. I see my disappointments. He sees my learning experiences. Jesus looks at me and sees white, though my sins are like scarlet. He washes me white as snow.
I'm completely amazed at the goodness of my Savior. I stand in awe as He looks at me and literally sings over me. A simple trade for Jesus. But not so for me. I still got the better end of the bargain, and for that, I am forever grateful!
What about you? What is something someone traded with you that you feel you received the better deal?


  1. I got the better side of the deal. I got a cute, comfy chair that matches my sofa and Ray's chair. I also got a room freed up for Ray's office to move into,so that I can have the entire basement and move my sewing table to the other side of the room. YEA!!!!!

  2. See? Perspecitve! :) Love you, Mom! Have a great and safe trip! :)