Sunday, August 18, 2013

Are You on a Balance Beam?

I'm on a balance beam.

As a matter of fact, just like Mr. Chan describes, I was laying on the beam, legs wrapped tightly around it, arms holding the top of me. As one woman said she was doing, I did: I put pillows on each side of the bar, had a safety net under it and a ladder above it, just to make sure I had a way of escape, and if I fell, well, I wouldn't get that hurt.

That was me.

I liked security. I liked being safe. I'm the person who prays God takes her home in her sleep, so I won't suffer or feel any pain. And then? Yes, and then I'd stand like the gymnasts do at the end of their routine in front of my Judge and expect, "Well done."

Well done? For what? For living my life so carefully that I don't experience the full riches and joy God has for me? Well done? For playing it safe? Um, I don't think so.

God never promised our life of following Him would be safe. He never said He'd give us job security, a nice and easy marriage with 2.5 healthy children. No. He never promised we'd never experience the pain of death or the heartaches of loss and loneliness. Last I checked, God never gave the command we'd be rich in monetary fashion.

God did promise
He'd never leave us or forsake us. He promised He'd go before us, so we shouldn't be afraid. He promised He'd hold us in His righteous right hand. He promised nothing could separate us from His love.
Did you catch that?
Nothing can separate us from His love.
So, why aren't we like that baby bird, perched on the edge of a branch, getting ready to fly? Why don't we step out in faith and do what He's asked of us to do: to live faithful to Him, unsafe, joyful lives?
Fear. That's what has us in its ugly grips, isn't it? Fear of failure. Fear of falling short. Fear of not being secure and safe. Fear.
But if we don't let go of the beam, if we don't let go of our fear and trust God, we'll never make the landing.
We have to make the landing.
I'm letting go. I'm going to stand on that balance beam with nothing there to lesson the blow of falling except Jesus Himself. Will you pry your body off of the balance beam and join me? Because trust me: It's the Greatest Feeling in the World to Make the Landing and hear Him say, "Well Done."

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  1. So true. I think it is a combination of fear, doubt and believing the lies. But this is a good reminder of truth. Thank you for your encouragement!