Sunday, April 3, 2016

Change of Seasons

I have many friends who love spring and summer! Renewal of life, warmer weather, sunny days, playing outside. All good things to enjoy during these two seasons. My friends love to feel the rays of sun warming their faces, hearing the giggles of children as they play at the park. The earth comes back to life after a season of dormancy. Green grass, flowers blooming, birds singing a wake up tune every morning.
Yes, spring has sprung, even here in Colorado. Even though we've had a few snow storms since March began, the snow is gone, and warmer temperatures are to be felt this week.
But alas, I am not a spring lover. No, I am a lover of fall and winter. I enjoy the turning of the leaves, the numbers dipping into the 40's and even 30's. I love Jack Frost nipping at my nose. Give me a comfy sweatshirt and a pair of jeans any day over shorts and a t-shirt. I would love to stay bundled up in my house, a blanket wrapped around me, a great book in my hand, and a fire going in the fireplace.
However, we must go through each season. To have all summer and no spring doesn't seem right. If it were always cold, how could a person ever get warm? The sun needs to shine in all its brilliance. It's the way God created things here in Colorado.
We get all four seasons, and I love it. Yes, I do wish for more snow. Yes, I do wish for colder weather. But instead of dwelling on the change of seasons in a negative way, I choose to embrace them. I will embrace the seasons of the year.
It's like life, isn't it? We can wish for all the seasons in our life to remain the same. Summer seems to be a season of peace. Wouldn't we all love to live in that season of peace? Then we come to fall. Oh yes, fall. A season where change begins, and more often than not, leading to a place of death. Winter. The season when things die. This is the hardest place to be in. Winter. Death of a loved one, death of a relationship, death of a marriage. Death of what used to be and isn't anymore. But then we head into spring.  A place of renewal, rebirth, hope. We can't have one season with experiencing some of the others.
As we head into spring, may it be a season of rebirth for you. May you find hope. May you treasure this season. If you are in the other seasons, don't worry. You won't be stuck there for long. Keep looking at Jesus, who is walking through each season with you.

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