Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

The snow has melted from last weekend's snow storm. The grass is green, the trees are blooming. Outside of our condo, there is a tree with white buds on it. Children are now playing outside in shorts and tee shirts. Yes, indeed, Spring has sprung!
Spring is not my favorite season. I'm more of a Fall or Winter gal myself. Yet, as I watch Colorado wake up from its sleepy state, I realize in a way, I'm waking up from my sleepy state, as well.
I've been struggling with a story for a long time, now. It's been tough for me to get in the minds of these characters. For some weird reason, they've shut me out. I can't get back in. So, I've set them aside, let them keep their silence for a bit, and began writing on a new story with new characters.
I'm excited to write this story. As I sat down with my laptop one night at Starbucks (my son was doing his homework next to me), the story took such a turn, I had to stop writing and breathe for a moment. It was a turn I hadn't expected. I've woken up from a long winter's nap, and I am so excited to finish this story.
Spring has sprung, not only in Colorado and the rest of the country, but in my writing life, as well. I thank God for the winter I have recently experienced in my writing. And I thank God for the fabulous spring in my life!
What about you? What has recently sprung out of the darkness in your life?

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